Decorate Your Bathroom Shelves for a Stylish Look and Functional Storage

June 16, 2024 | by Marvin Morar


The Benefits of Decorating Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom interior with beautifully decorated shelves

Shelves in the bathroom on which  

Bathroom shelf with everyday care items

Decorating shelves in the bathroom not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances the functionality of the space. Well-organized and beautifully decorated shelves help maintain order, create a cozy atmosphere, and can serve as an accent in the bathroom’s design.

Selecting the Perfect Shelves

If you are planning to choose shelves for your bathroom, select ones that match the style of your bathroom. These could be glass, wooden, metal, or plastic shelves. Ensure that the shelves are sturdy and can bear the weight of all the planned decorative elements and that they are sufficient to accommodate all the items you need.

Planning and Preparation

Before you start decorating, assess the available space on the shelves. Determine how much space you have and what items you want to place. This will help you avoid overcrowding the shelves and create a harmonious look. You don’t have to buy and try to place everything that comes to mind; act gradually.

Start with elements that carry both aesthetics and the functionality you need. Choose the style you want to see in the bathroom. It could be minimalism, Scandinavian, boho, classic, or any other style. Defining the style will help you pick suitable decorative elements and accessories.

Including Items for Decorating Bathroom Shelves

When decorating shelves, it is important to consider both aesthetic and functional aspects. Combine various elements to achieve a harmonious and balanced result. These can be decorative items, storage solutions, and elements that create coziness and comfort.

Functional decoration involves using items that not only beautify the shelves but also serve practical purposes. This is especially important in a bathroom where space is often limited, and every detail should be useful.

Ideas for Decorating Bathroom Shelves

Baskets and Boxes

Baskets and boxes are an aesthetic and effective solution for storing various items in the bathroom. There are many options in shape and size that can suit different needs.

Baskets made of natural materials like rattan, bamboo, or wood give the bathroom a natural and cozy look, adding elements of nature to the interior. At the same time, there are more universal options made of metal and plastic, which are great for a modern or minimalist design.

Baskets and boxes are convenient for storing various items such as toilet paper, towels, personal hygiene products, household small items, and much more. They help maintain order in the bathroom and simplify access to necessary items.

When choosing baskets and boxes for bathroom storage, pay attention not only to their design but also to their functionality. Different sizes and shapes will allow optimal use of the available space and decorate the interior. Moreover, baskets and boxes can be not only practical but also stylish decorative elements that add a special charm to your bathroom.

Storage Jars

Storage jars in the bathroom can be not only functional but also stylish accessories that help organize space and add a cozy touch to your interior. Glass and ceramic jars are excellent choices for various small items such as cotton swabs, bath salts, soap flakes, or dried flowers.

The convenience of using glass or ceramic jars lies not only in their durability and ease of care but also in the ability to see the contents thanks to the transparent material easily.

To keep the contents of the jars clean and dry, it is recommended to choose models with tightly fitting lids. This way, you protect the contents from moisture, dust, and other external influences, keeping them fresh and usable.

Accessory Sets

Accessory sets for the bathroom are a great way to create a unified style and make the space more cozy. Sets including a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and soap dispenser, among other useful items, help organize the bathroom space and give it a finished look.

When choosing accessory sets, please pay attention to the material and color scheme so they harmonize with the overall style of your bathroom. Glass, ceramic, metal, or plastic – each material has its advantages and can be suitable for different interior styles.

Decorative Vases

Bathroom interior with floating shelves and blue vase

Vases for the bathroom are perfect not only as a decorative element but also as a functional organizer. By using a beautifully designed vase, you not only decorate your bathroom but also can conveniently store various items, for example, toothbrushes or makeup brushes.

When choosing a vase for use in the bathroom, pay attention to its size and shape: they should correspond to your needs and the overall style of the interior. It is preferable to choose stable vases made of durable materials.


Towels are not only functional items but also a great way to add style and coziness to your bathroom. Neatly rolled or folded towels can become an attractive decoration for the bathroom. When choosing towels, pay attention to the color scheme, which should harmonize with the overall style of the interior.

Bathroom interior with beautifully arranged towels

Also, do not forget about the quality of the towel material. High-quality towels made of soft and absorbent material will not only be comfortable to use but will also retain their attractiveness for a long time.

Dispenser Sets

Dispenser sets are an excellent solution for creating a stylish and organized bathroom interior. Soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers in the same style help not only maintain a cozy and well-kept look in your bathroom space but also provide convenience and practicality in everyday use.

Besides the aesthetic function, dispensers are also an economical and environmentally friendly solution since they allow you to control the amount of product used and avoid excess or waste.

When choosing a dispenser set, pay attention to the materials of manufacture – it is better to prefer high-quality and reliable materials that will serve you for a long time. It is also important to consider the design of the dispensers so that they harmonize with the overall style and color palette of your bathroom.


Artificial plants on the bathroom shelf

Plants will bring freshness and add a touch of nature to the interior of your bathroom. When choosing natural plants, pay attention to those that love moisture and do not require much lighting.

If you don’t have the time or desire to care for plants, artificial plants are a great solution. They do not require constant care, do not get sick, and always look fresh. When choosing artificial plants, it is worth preferring high-quality options that are as close to natural in appearance as possible.

Aromatic Diffusers

Aromatic oil diffusers not only decorate the shelves but also bring a pleasant aroma and an atmosphere of calm and relaxation to the bathroom. Don’t forget that the choice of aroma can also affect your mood and condition. For example, lavender or tea tree can calm and relax, while citrus aromas can invigorate and refresh you. Explore different aromas and choose the one that suits you best.

In addition to creating an atmosphere, aromatic diffusers can also help eliminate unpleasant odors in the bathroom. The fresh scent of oils will soften the air and make it more pleasant to stay in.

Figures and Sculptures

Figures and sculptures are a wonderful addition to the bathroom interior that will help give it a unique touch and individuality. Small figurines or sculptures can become not only a decorative element but also a reflection of your style and taste.

When choosing figures and sculptures for the bathroom, pay attention to their compatibility with the overall interior style. For example, if your bathroom has a marine theme, sea figures or shells can be a great addition. If the bathroom is decorated in a modern style, abstract or minimalist sculptures will be more appropriate.

Pictures & Signs

To create a cozy and stylish interior in the bathroom, you can use not only figures and sculptures but also small pictures, posters, or motivational quotes. Such decorative elements can give the space individuality and coziness and become an interesting accent. Placing paintings and posters on shelves or walls can add extra charm to the bathroom’s interior and complete the overall composition

When choosing pictures or posters for the bathroom, it is important to consider their compatibility with the overall interior style and color scheme of the room. For example, watercolor paintings with marine motifs or posters with quotes about the sea and relaxation will perfectly fit into a bathroom with a marine theme.

Besides the aesthetic function, it is also important to pay attention to the choice of materials. To avoid damage from moisture, it is recommended to choose waterproof materials. Such materials will better retain their original appearance and quality under the influence of moisture and steam from the shower.


Candles are a great way not only for shelf decoration but also for creating a romantic atmosphere and intimate lighting in the bathroom, which will help create a cozy environment for relaxation and rest.

Pay attention to aromatic candles. Scented candles with natural oils can create an aroma that promotes relaxation and tranquility. For example, lavender, eucalyptus, or vanilla are excellent choices for creating an atmosphere of harmony and coziness in the bathroom.

Arrangement and Positioning

Grouping Items

Group items by type or color to create a harmonious and organized look. For example, you can place all glass jars on one shelf and all baskets on another.

Using Height

Use the full height of the shelves by placing taller items at the back and shorter ones in the front. This will help create a layered and interesting visual effect.

Balance and Symmetry

Create balance and symmetry by placing items on both sides of the shelf. This will create a harmonious and attractive look.

Thematic Ideas

Spa Style

To create a spa atmosphere, use natural wood or bamboo shelves. Neatly rolled towels, dry massage brushes, and natural sponges will give the shelves an elegant and relaxing look. Add stone or ceramic containers with sea salt and bath oils.

Marine Theme

Use elements of the marine theme: shells, corals, and decorative elements in blue and white tones. This will add freshness and lightness to the bathroom’s interior.

Eco Style

For an eco-style, use natural materials such as wood, stone, and rattan. Add green plants, glass or ceramic jars, and baskets made of natural fibers.

Conclusion: Choosing Items for Decorating in One Style

To make the decoration of the shelves in the bathroom look harmonious, choose items that match one style or color scheme. This will help create a coherent and complete look and highlight your individual taste and style. Combine functional and decorative elements to create a cozy and beautiful space that will delight you every day.


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